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Attendance System – Track & Manage Employee Time

Every organization keep the attendance record from each employee to calculate salary depending on the working hours, leaves, half days, overtime etc. The employee attendance management system functions efficiently to generate the routine attendance reports for individual employees, sections cognizant and locations wise, also enables you to achieve your organizational goals successfully. Depending on the HR policy of your company, the attendance management systems can be customized furthermore configured effectively.

Enhance the efficiency of your stratification with employee attendance management system.

In any organization whether small or large, attendance and time records from the workers remains a critical function. It becomes tedious and time-consuming task to keep the records of arrival/departure, half day, late mark, shift schedule and leave of each worker manually in a resister. It may give wrong records which can shepherd to poor productivity, increased cost, and in-efficient work frame of an institution. To cope up with such circumstances, you need an automated attendance system which can extricate your time and reduce the cost.

Employee attendance management system is actual and reliable software which can proficiently manage the attendance of the personnel in your organization. Once you start implementing the attendance management system, you can enjoy the work record of each employee for each minute. This attendance management system will allow you to determine the accurate performance record for every worker in your organization. A high-quality and efficient turnout management software can mechanize the following mentioned things for you which will ultimately improve the productivity of your company. Have a look at these 5 benefits of using attendance management system-

1. Automatically thrust and process the attendance data for each employee of your firm from the attendance instrument.

2. Mechanically record reaching time, leaving time, overtime, early outs, late marks, holidays, absents etc.

3. For payroll processing, the system proficiently loads the attendance data into payroll software.

4. Makes reports for leave, overtime, leave, attendance and so on.

5. Efficiently records the work scheduling for employees in your company.

In large organizations, manual employee scheduling/planning majorly disrupts attendance management. For the better performance of the company, proper allocation of employees to diverse divisions of work is indeed significant. By employing the attendance management system, this jug be made feasible. It makes ineluctability that each unusual consequence from productive work is recorded and beautifully rewarded which resolution act as an inspiration for the workers. As a result, employees will try to put their best efforts and contribute towards the generally growth like your business.

Matrix computerized Attendance Ordinance System (AMS) resolve not only execute the whole process simply, but it discretion also offer a well-organized and evaluated report of the employees’ attendance. It resolve aid you in assigning and using the human resources in your company to get the maximum possible benefit. The presence management software is developed in such a manner that it can be used easily and suits the needs concerning all sorts of organizations which covet to keep the records of their workers’ attendance.

IBM FileNet P8 System Implementation Technical Mastery Test v1 (000-N55)

We all discriminate that getting a job nowadays is very difficult, if you don’t have the right credentials in hand, do not look forward to to land a job right away. One of the best ways on how you can able to get a good career is by acquiring a certification. Meanwhile you are certified, it gives you the chance to prove your abilities.

IBM FileNet P8 System Implementation Technical Mastery Test v1 is one of the certification offered by IBM for the professional who wishes to acquire the timely knowledge in FileNet P8 System Implementation. This certification will champion the interested candidate to become more proficient in managing, identifying including closing the sales opportunities. Passing the IBM 000-N55 certification exam is the only way to acquire the credential.
Audience Profile of IBM 000-N55 Certification Exam
This certification exam is fiancée to IBM sales representatives or salesmen who exhibit technical and sales knowledge of software and it targets technical sales professional who could deliver a complete business solution. This is for technical sales representatives who can also provide a solution through competitive positioning, product differentiation and solution identification. Passing the IBM 000-N55 certification exam is one of the main requirements of this certification.
About the IBM 000-N55 Certification Exam

* The 000-N55, IBM FileNet P8 System Implementation Technical Mastery Test v1 has 48 multiple choice questions.

* The candidate is only allowed to finish the exam within 90 minutes regarding time.

* The passing score of IBM 000-N55 certification exam is 70%

* English is the only available language for 000-N55, IBM FileNet P8 Plan Implementation Technical Mastery Taste v1.

Topics about 000-N55, IBM FileNet P8 System Implementation Technical Mastery Test v1
The IBM 000-N55 certification exam is divided into 7 sections. Each section has the topic and corresponding percentage.
* Section 1 – Application Design and Development (25%)
* Section 2 – CE Customization (13%)
* Section 3 – CE Deployment (10%)
* Section 4 – CE Administration et alii Trouble shooting (10%)
* Section 5 – Process Application Design and Development (17%)
* Section 6 – PE Deployment (17%)
* Section 7 – Process Administration and Trouble Shooting (8%)
How to Obtain the IBM 000-N55 Certification Exam
Interested candidate who wanted to acquire the certification must be able to acquire the recommended study materials and trainings in order to transit the 000-N55: IBM FileNet P8 System Implementation Technical Mastery Test v1. Some of the training required for candidates are IBM Content Staddle V5.2 Product Sales Training, IBM FileNet CM and IBM Case Foundation V5.2 Training (PIT/PMT) and IBM FileNet CM V5.2 Product Sales and Architecture. These trainings will surely hone your abilities and knowledge of IBM FileNet P8 Pattern Implementation solution.
Aside from attending the required training, the candidate is also required to obtain the best study materials from a reputable source. When you acquire the ace materials on hand, it gives you an amazing chance to get the certification and succeed.

Simplest Way to Search out Ferro Manganese Exporter India

The demand of the quality Indian products is great in the international market. Many industries as well as corporate agencies tend to purchase the quality products of our country, when the families are highly interested the heavy quality ingredients that are for their use. In the same way, the international iron and fortify manufacturing agencies also become keen to get materials from these industries. Quality of the products is prohibition the only intuitive that attracts international agencies in this concern unless the cheap prices of these ingredients also make a great impact in this firm too. Similar people, get quality natural ingredients at the cheapest prices by purchasing products from India, therefore, they get the maximum advantage in getting raw materials to transport their businesses. Here, natural ingredients are rife and this is the reason; suppliers of these products can provide these at cheaper prices. The demand of all types of raw ingredients for iron industries is always increasing. Therefore, it is true that the future of the unrefined product manufacturers for the steel industries can gain a lot. It can help the iron and steel industries to manufacture products in bulk quantitative too.
Cheaper products are always of high demand in every market. However, it should not compromise with its feature and should exist present in the finest quality. Therefore, whenever you would like to purchase quality products, you would search for the cheaper products too, as to thrust an iron industry, there is a great latent to get cheaper raw materials. Nowadays, in the international market tons of iron ore et sequens other important raw ingredients are supplied through dissimilar industries. This process not only strengthens the financial condition of these supplying agencies but this scheme helps strengthening the financial condition of the provincial as well. When there is a great demand of all of these products in the international market as well as in the local market too, then why not you would launch an agency to deliver these items to meet the increased need of different industries? Most about the big investors in the industrial fields nowadays tend to invest bigger total of funds in these sectors to earn another profit.

In terms of investing capital though one should be sound, as this is denial only a labor intensive field but requires a eminence amount regarding investment to run a business in this field; still, there is a great possibility to get a great return from the property too. A Ferro manganese exporter India container earn a lot of profits by producing and supplying important raw ingredients to multiplied big chalybeate and steel manufacturing industries. Therefore, when you would apprentice the best option in going this industry, you would have the maximum advantage in making profits by providing quality and cheaper products in the international market. Ferro alloys in India is available in bulk bit and this leads organism the product cheaper in the international market as well as in the domestic market too, which have great demand in different industries.

Search For Best International Placement Consultants In India

Broadening horizons to get recruited by notable notch firm is inter alios the common goals of candidates who have completed their education. Assessing this statement in the now employment scenario, it is witnessed that subscribing to professional manpower solutions adds meaning to this objective of recruitment. Careless from domestic or international job prospects, the arrangement agencies support the job seekers suitably. Hence, with the passage of time, these consultancies have tied awake with various recruiters to serve purpose about recruitment as well as placement simultaneously. Essentially, there may be two types of placement solutions. Firstly, training institutes those have provision of placement. Secondly, the organizations those solely bargain in manpower services.

Besides, when the final decision has to be taken with respect to seeking job, then, one should list out parameters according to his ere her final intent. In simple terminology, applying for job in native destinations and international locations are prime aspects those should be labelled prior to finding service provider. On a factual note, international placement consultants in India should be chosen particularly when the ultimate objective is to come by recruited by overseas company. Apart from this, golden principles to be focused on although selecting the arrangement agencies based in India are:

* Job requisites hold prominent importance: As mentioned above, domestic ere cosmopolitan placement solutions should be identified in advance. This step is admittedly aimed at lining up appropriate prospects for efficient results. To cut it short, international placement consultants in Delhi must be selected while recruitment intent is to get placed by overseas company.

* Types of solutions and their prevalence: It has been earlier stated that occasion few organizations support placement services after completion of preparation programs others deal with placement solutions only. Therefore, it becomes quintessential to check the suitability of international manpower recruitment agency on the basis of their operating mechanism. With the cure of this measure, hauling concrete conclusion gets simplified. It yet allows job seekers to select the right alternative accordingly.
* Additional support solutions offered by the agency: If the manpower agency based in India has been serving international job search needs, then, it should even provide additional solutions. This will extend support and guidance of crack international placement consultants in India to aspirants serve polishing their skills. This provision is fundamentally necessary to groom the candidates sic that they can easily deal with the challenges in corporate sector.
* New age policies of employment should be followed: Whether it is homeworker or international placement, the consultancies should ensure that updated standards of recruitment need bot followed without fail. Furthermore, the international manpower recruitment medium located in Delhi receives dimension count of job vacancies to opheffen filled constantly. Thus, it has to take into account upgraded guidelines of recruitment in mind before finding potential applicants.
From the above discussion, one thing which can undeniably be claimed is varying patterns of manpower solutions available in India. Hence, it can be summed raise that recruitment charge needs assessment antecedent to its selection.

Search Your Favorite Beer Haunts At FindMyTap, The Best App For Beer Lovers

So you happen to be a connoisseur of beer about all kinds and tastes but don’t know where you can find beer of all tastes and kinds? Well, FindMyTap is here for your help. For those who are not aware, FindMyTap is an app that helps craft beer and draught beer drinkers to locate their most preferred keg spots with a single tap on their smart phone screen, refusal matter which city they are located in. It is one of the best stein apps because of the ease regarding use including the varied functionalities and features that it provides.

FindMyTap is an inkling app for a travelling enthusiast as well. The best part about the FindMyTap is that is that it is easy and simple to use. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, all you are required to do is open the app, and based on which US city you are livelihood in, the app will provide a list concerning preferences where you can sip on your preferred ice-cold drink.

So suppose, if you look for standards like Brooklyn Lager or Teal Moon, you can find all the haunts offering these with a single click on the app. Besides if you harbor experimental tastes and swindle a liking for Firehouse Hefeweizen or Allagash Four, then worry not equally the FindMyTap app decree help you in locating these as well.

With FindMyTap, you can also write as well being read reviews and view ratings for bars that have registered on the app. With this information, you obtainment great help to find new places to dive in. The app also allows you add your preferred taps, i.e., you can unearth what you are looking for without wasting a share concerning time. Also, the app has alphabetically listed most of the draught beers and a lot other features. So there is certainly refusal reason why you should temporization in using FindMyTap and look for your favorite beer haunt. Also, seldom prefer you find an app which provides so many varied features for searching beer taps similar comprehensively while this app does.

Indeed, FindMyTap is quite an original and enchanting app that assists ventilatoren of craft and draught beers as well while the elite manners drinkers settle their preferred beers. And the best part about this app is that it provides listings no matter in which US city you are utilizing the app. Searching for lager bars which serve your chosen on-tap beers could not have got any better and easy as with the FindMyTap app.

This app also filters bars based on tap selection and distance. Browsing the bar ratings and bar reviews is much easy which makes it effortless to decide if a particular impediment is worth visiting. The database of the app is constantly growing and it also allows users to add if they find a specific place missing in the directory. Also, the app also provides listing from ongoing and upcoming beer festivals. Thus, FindMyTap is a great app for all beer lovers.

Essential SEO Tips for Designing a Search Engine Friendly Website

For any webstek owner it can be an exhilarating experience to distinguish their site rank on the prime page of the search engines. But, you might not find your site to be anywhere on the search engine just the next day. In innocent words, a webstek ranking can vary with each passing day. Hence, it becomes essential for the website owners to format a website that is SEO compliant.

What’s more? A website that is not SE optimized is futile, as it will not bring won’t be able to drive traffic to your website. This further necessitates the need to cause your website SE friendly. Let’s have a look at certain essential SEO tips that all web stylist must consider in order to design a SE optimized site.Essential SEO Strategies for Designing a Website

1. URL’s

A SE friendly URL lets crwalers to verify the page intent in a quick manner. You can equal include keywords in your website URL, as it helps boosts your site SERP.

A look at an example of a not too friendly URL:
An example of a better, more descriptive URL:

2. Search Turbojet Friendly Navigation

Another important aspect that every designer must keep in mind is creating empressement navigations. It is important to keep the navigational structure simple and clean, so as to make it easy for the crwalers to crawl round your web pages. A outdo way is to use parent pages, product categories and inner product pages in your navigation. What Else? Avoid navigation structures that make use of Signal or JavaScript. Your visitors might find these formats to be too flashy, and besides crawlers often find it difficult to parse and navigate through such navigation structures.

A better option is to stick with navigation structures that are XHTML and CSS based.

3. Call to Action Button

For website owners rather than pondering over receiving good traffic on their website, what matters is getting it converted. Every website must nvloeden designed keeping in mind that it ensures conversion optimization. A viable alternative is to have a invoke to mechanics button integrated in your website wherever required. It shows what action you would like your visitors to take. For instance, if you want a user buy a product from your product page ensure that there is a convocation to action button action available on the page, so that it is unrealistic for them to miss it.

4. Focus on Content

The value of using unique satisfy in a website is priceless. But, your pursuit of unique content mustn’t lose your readers interest in your site. Thus, converge on utilizing readable content in your site that keeps your visitors engrossed. You can add images and videos in your website wherever applicable, nonetheless mark sure not to overuse it.

5. Google Analytics Code Placement

It is vital for website owners to keep a unswerving check on the matinee about their site. And to do so they need to place Google Analytics code in their site pages. Google analytics code lets you keep a tab of number of visitors, to the slew of conversions, and more.

All the aforementioned points provides web designers with a surefire way to build a highly effective site and thereby enhances your chances to achieving success in today’s competitive Online Marketing.

WFT Announced Successful Deployment of SAP System High Availability Solution for a Global Diversified Technology and Manufacturing Company

Princeton, NJ, January 22, 2014 – Wharfedale Technologies, Inc. today announces the successful deployment of SAP High Availability solution for a giant a global diversified technology et cetera manufacturing leader who serves customers worldwide with aerospace products and services, control technologies for buildings, homes and industry, automotive products, turbochargers, and specialty materials with nearly 120,000 employees in 100 countries.

Based on the findings from an earlier engagement with Wharfedale, it was evident that there was a need to create adjustments to the method plus process in which the customer protects and insures High Availability (HA) within their SAP environment and IT constitution for enterprise computing.

The customer requested WFT to architect a high availability result for their SAP syntonic that can speak these gaps and meet following criteria:

Meet Industry needs in short and long term

Align with the current technology used et cetera future technology direction

Working directly with the identified technical owners, WFT reviewed availability requirement for each component. For each item it was determined if availability is required at the infrastructure level, at the application level or both. In order to maximize ROI for each component, WFT looked to re-use non-production assets as part of the production availability.

Based on the infrastructure and application information collected, WFT proposed a high availability solution for each SAP regimen component. The HA solution design was based on integration of the SAP infrastructure ampersand database tools for that particular component. The design took into consideration the inevitable requirement of external comme il faut well as internal consistencies of the component.

Based on the requirements, WFT evaluated the following to provide the customer with the appropriate HA options:

HA options for SAP that would support virtualization utilizing VMware

High availability options and possibilities available at form (SAP) layer.

Options of providing HA for Oracle database (Standby, RAC, fail over using OS clustering etc).

Options of providing HA at Boutique level (RAID, redundant stash etc).

Options regarding providing HA using IBM and Intel servers (vSphere FT, LPAR’s, Hypervisor etc.).

Options of providing HA at OS layer (AIX, Linux, and Windows).

Impact of the overall HA design on future tools that might nvloeden adopted for Disaster Recovery ex. Site Recovery Manager.

Clustering of critical application components with application specific monitoring and failover.

The final options presented took among consideration of the alive root and application tools already bought by customer. It also took into consideration of the latest and planned technology tools used along strategic business groups and came up plus different options to meet the business needs for HA.

WFT helped the customer that relies on SAP for an integrated, out-of-the-box solution for SAP application. WFT was efficient to curtail cost by utilizing all the existing technology tools already bought by the customer. WFT solution helped reduce the risks and costs concerning maintaining the SAP diligence in support of critical Disturbance process. SAP application integration upon the underlying infrastructure provided the strategic backbone for the innovative High Availability solution that helped meet the business need for non-disruptive availability of the critical SAP application.

About Wharfedale Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2000, Wharfedale Technologies, Inc. (WFT) is a leader in SAP base solutions. As a highly skilled SAP infrastructure consulting firm, WFT works closely with vendors, jointly delivering solutions to some of the largest clients in the financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and entertainment industries, as well as key government agencies. As an SAP certified provider of cloud services, Wharfedale also offers Tire solutions around – supreme availability, disaster recovery, advanced sizing for virtualization, back up/recovery Integration, systems refresh computerization and landscape optimization.

For another information on Wharfedale and WFT Cloud services, gratify visit or call us at (888) 533-3113.

SAP® and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP® AG in Germany and in divers added countries. EMC® is a registered trademark of EMC Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

Press Contact:
Ganesh Radhakrishnan
Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (WFT)
Princeton, NJ
+1 (732) 319-2691

The Effectiveness of Hitachi Data System Architect-Business Continuity Certification

Hitachi Data System Architect-Business Flow is one of the premier certifications offered by Hitachi. The sole way to acquire the certification is by momentary the HH0-380 certification exam. Demise the exam will support your skills and abilities in Hitachi Data Philosophy Architect-Business Continuity.
The HH0-380 certification test will validate that the candidate has the right knowledge and understanding with the Hitachi Data Systems Architect. The candidate should authorize the HH0-380 certification exam in order to acquire the certification effectively.
For professional storage architects that evaluates, design, plan the storage solutions with the Hitachi technology and products and this track is intended particularly for the Hitachi Data Systems authorized vrouwen and personnel. This certification also examines the information and data essentiality from a business outlook and takes action with the solution. This is defined too as software and hardware architecture that can meet the prerequisites needed.
They organize technical architecture execution plans and strategies as well as to apply new technologies. It also helps one to prepare a detailed implementation preparation in association with the implementation specialists. Additionally, the solution architect with maintains a wide range from knowledge about commissary concepts. The main audiences of this certification are Selected Systems Personnel and Partners of Hitachi. The requirement for this certification is by adequate the exam effectively.
About the Hitachi Data System Architect-Business Continuity Certification
* The Hitachi Data System Architect-Business Continuity Certification exam has 59 multiple choice questions.
* The passing score like HH0-380 is 68 percent.
* The candidate needs to finish the exam within 60 minutes of break and for non-English is 90 minutes.

* The cost concerning Hitachi Data System Architect-Business Continuity Certification is $200 in the Americas yet in the other country, it is $225.
* The candidate can take the test only in Prometric testing center around the world.

Topics of HH0-380 Certification Exam
The following are the topics of Hitachi Data System Architect-Business Continuity Certification. The candidate needs to obtain this information when preparing for the test. This is an effective guide on how you can prepare for the certification exam effectively.
* Understanding business and recovery requirements
* Connectivity Design
* Replication architectures
* Making technology recommendations
* Workload analysis
* Configuration sizing
How to Comp Hitachi Data System Architect-Business Continuity Certification
Passing the Hitachi Data System Architect-Business Continuity Certification exam is easy as long as you contain the right materials and tools. The study materials should be from a very reputable source or provider. When you have the certification like Hitachi Data System Architect-Business Continuity Certification, it can surely help you boost your chance to have a great career.
Attending the training for Hitachi Input System Architect-Business Chain Certification is also a very effective way to make sure that you can pass the test. These trainings will not just help you to become more successful in the exam, but also it is an ideal way to enhance your abilities and knowledge in the industry. Once you pass the Hitachi Data System Architect-Business Continuity Certification exam, it willful certainly help you to use the credential to become a more successful professional.

Ways to Search for Bargain Grand Canyon National Park Helicopter Tours

If you’ve spent time shopping for Grand Canyon helicopter tours, you know prices are all over the map. One thing’s for sure, though. Book online and you’ll have a real bullet at getting a great rate.

Great Rates On Air Tours

Why is this? It’s because tour operators are the only ones who can feeler discounts on their tours besides they do that on their websites. You effectively cut out the middleman that way and get the lowest rate possible.

You beget the option of choosing the ideal jaunt and then simply calling the excursion company right off to order. However, keep in mind, phone deals are not the lowest because the personnel has to handle all the calls, which costs the tour computer money.

You perverse see this reflected in your receipt because a booking fee, which covers the cost of tying up force to fill your order. Plus, the person on the phone may pressure you into upgrading to a more expensive tour package.

Self-Serve Bookings

Therefore, to get the low Internet penalty for your tour, just complete the covenant yourself online on the web form supplied by the tour operator. After you are booked and have received the confirmation number, you can summons the tour company and get specifics concerning your tour and cancellation procedures without worry of supplementary charges.

And speaking of cancels, the elite tour companies let you terminate your reserve within 24 hours of your departure time. Also, when your time gets canceled due to bad weather, the tour operator should give you a full refund suppositive you don’t want to reschedule.

Another great benefit about going online to book wind tours is you receive to see the up to date fervent inventory. This helps you choose because you get to see availability and prices for all the tours for the week. Prices may change depending on time of generation or day of week.

Types of Flights

As for flights, there are dyadic kinds: aerial and landing. Air-only are your cheapest option. They don’t last now long either, which is good when you don’t have much cycle to spend on a tour. Landing tours do just that ? land at the top instead bottom of the Canyon. Landing on the canyon floor is only allowed at the West Rim furthermore you’ll have to catch one of those tours from Vegas.

You may be wondering what to do if you want to tour the South Rim. The choppers that fly out of Vegas do not pass away to the South Rim. It is indeed far away. If you actually have to do South Rim, my advice is to take the Vegas-South Rim direct airplane tour. It is a quick flight to the South Rim by plane and during it lands at the airport in Tusayan, you can get on board a chopper and take off for a South Rim helicopter tour.

If you get to the Tusayan airport another way, you can opt for helicopter tour from there that lasts 30 or 50 minutes. The longer tour is very popular because it covers a lot of ground, taking you over 75 percent of the park in about an hour. That’s quite an achievement.

To Figure

I hope this article about booking aircraft tours online was helpful. It is very convenient and you could save up to thirty percent on the tour. Just complete the transaction online so you get the Internet rate. Keep that in mind and you’ll get the right flight at the right price.

POS System – An Introduction

Nowadays, inventory software programs available in the market allow the businesses to oval usage, keep a watch on the changes in unit cost, analyze asses levels, etc…… Even, the users can control checklist right at the cash register with the boost of Point-of-Sale (POS) software systems. This system can record each sale as it happens, thereby ensuring that the inventory records will be up-to-date. Also, it will be possible to gather much more information surrounding the merchantable as compared to knowledge that can be obtained from a manual system. When reports are viewed on the basis of the information provided along the best POS System, the users can make better decisions about merchandising and ordering. Now, let us see what POS software receptacle do for you?

You can examine the data pertaining to sales and can dig up out the level at which the items on stocks are sold, thereby you can adjust the level of purchases or production accordingly.

A sales history can also be viewed in such a way that adjustments can be made to the purchasing decisions for purchasing trends based on seasons.

Pricing accuracy can breathe improved by integrating bar-code scanners and credit card authorization vessel ditto be done.

There are professional companies selling the best POS system, which will provide the pertinent to the users to employ add-on devices at their checkout stations inclusive of invoice printers, credit card readers, bar-code scanners, electronic cash drawers, etc…… Nowadays, the best software programs are coming with integrated accounting modules that can provide details about accounts payables, receivables, general ledger, etc….. In other words, this system can act as the all-in-one solution to keep track of the cash flow of your business. When you are looking for such a program, it is better to check whether the following features are present:

Easy to use: This is of high importance as totally when it is user-friendly, you can make use of it in an effective manner.

Most of the systems provide the timely to enter the hindrance code either manually or automatically with the assist of block code scanner. Once the number of the item is scanned, it will provide the unit cost and once the insertion is made with respect to the quantity purchased, it will automatically calculate the money to be paid for a special product et alii the absolute as well. So, both the facilities of manual and automatic entry of barcode should treffen offered by the software.

Other features favor security, sales tracking and facility to update result information, should also be present.